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There are 94 islands in Primorsky region, and many of them are uninhabited. Ships get unmoored and head for 300 ports in 60 countries of the world from this region. This is where the sea routes - the longest journeys - start. 

The islands are surrounded by clear water where the starfish, trepangs and even king crabs feel comfortable. Fishing enthusiasts get fishing equipment. Freshly caught and properly cooked seafood is incredibly tasty!



Join us on a new adventure to unknown places!

Park of Dragons is an energetic place where your wishes made in the “womb” stone will certainly come true.

On the way we will make stops at the Nature Museum and at the red deer farm, where you can give food to the little Bambis and admire the adult deer.

A very easy climb and ... freedom! And Dragons around... With each new location along the path gorgeous views open up! Walk the entire route with the stories and legends of our guide - champion of the USSR in extreme tourism. The journey will exceed your expectations!



People always dreamed of the sky. For most of us, these dreams remain fantasies, except for air journeys. Because it seems unreal to take the hand wheel of the airplane. And it is incredibly scary to make a parachute jump. Yet even these dreams can come true.

Fly over the Jurzhen settlements, which are more than 1000 years old, and see the highest mountain Pidan. Possibility to fly an airplane, taste meals in a real pilots canteen and spend an unforgettable day in nature.


Your task is to enjoy your vacation

KATYUSHA  will take care of all itinerary matters. You just have to enjoy the trip.

Gastronomic paradise

Representatives of 158 nationalities live in Primorsky region. Most cuisines of these peoples are represented in Vladivostok.

Routes meet your every need

Let’s sail to the places you can’t reach on foot? Unique bays and rocks, grottoes and islands... You will fall in love with the beauty of Vladivostok sea coast.

Feel like a real city racer. Twist the steering wheel on the drift track and enjoy the speed.

Let’s go to aerostat trip! Seeing the sunrise in the sky – isn’t it a perfect morning?

Have a romantic date in the sky, or go on a tour with friends. The price includes a guided tour in the hangar and a photo session with helicopters with your photographer

We pack your sea vacations 

Seminars, trainings and business meetings, accompanied by the best catering in the city
Parties with cocktails, seafood and top DJs in Vladivostok
Night squidding, Kamchatka crab catching or lacedra sea hunting

Ready to go with KATYUSHA? Then go ahead! 

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